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Baylor History Department & Baylor Libraries Present:

TITLE: Fuzzy Bible References: Finding that Needle in the Haystack

DESCRIPTION: Ever wonder how many times your favorite author referenced the Bible? Participants in this hands-on workshop will learn how to automatically identify fuzzy quotations (fuzzy = not word-for-word) from one text (or group of texts) to the Bible (or any other text). Workshop participants will learn how to calculate the Levenshtein distance (difference or distance between two phrases) to identify possible Bible references. No prior experience with any text analysis techniques or Bible research is required. Open to the entire Baylor community.

LAPTOPS: Laptops with the following open source and free software will be provided for use during the workshop:

  • Anaconda Python 2.7

PLACE: Visual Studio
DATE: March 27
TIME: 10:30am-noon



Tuesday, March 27, 2018
10:30am - 12:00pm
Visualization Space
Digital Scholarship

Event Organizer

Joshua Been