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NVivo I: Coding Documents & Surveys

Goal(s): The goal of this workshop is to teach participants how to use NVivo 12 for qualitative data analysis.

Outcomes: Participants will be able to use NVivo 12 to import various file types, code data using a variety of methods, and visualize results.

Description: This hands-on introduction to NVivo 12 Plus will cover working with a variety of source materials (books, surveys, transcripts, Zotero imports, and social media). Coding methods introduced include: manual coding, assisted coding using queries, and coding via unsupervised themes. We will also explore differing visualizations available using NVivo 12 Plus.

Detailed Contents:

1. Ensure NVivo 12 Plus installation
2. Describe Data Scholar Program
3. Intro Slideshow
4. Discuss prepared datasets
5. Manual coding
6. Frequency assisted coding
7. Search assisted coding
8. Theme Auto Coding
9. Importing surveys


Wednesday, February 27, 2019
1:00pm - 2:30pm
Jones 105
  Digital Scholarship Workshops  
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