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Introduction to Health Data: State and Local Data

Description: This workshop will cover data sources related to State and Local Health Data. Data sources will include those that are subscribed to by the Baylor Libraries as well as those sources which are available on the internet. Search strategies for locating datasets will also be covered.

Goal: The goal of this workshop is to acquaint participants with sources of state and local health data subscribed to by the library and to teach participants strategies for locating state and local data sources online. The differences in federal, regional and international data will be discussed.

Outcomes: After attending this workshop, participants will:

  • Be aware/familiar with databases from the library which are sources for health data
  • Be able to develop appropriate strategies for searching library-subscribed health data
  • Be able to develop strategies for searching the internet for state and local health data

1. Data-Planet: In Data-Planet we will be looking at the Health and Vital statistics data along with seeing how to use the database for health data on the state and local level.
2. We will look at Texas Health Data from the Texas Department of Health and Human Services specifically the data on incidences of cancer in the state of Texas and the data on the opioid epidemic.
3. We will be looking at the Chronic Disease Epidemiology Reports provided by McClennan county in the state of Texas, specifically how the information reported there relates to the information on these conditions reported by the state of Texas and the federal government. This will include the Healthy Communities Assessment and the Tobacco Survey.  

4. We will examine healthdata.gov’s report on the health of McClennan county in the state of Texas.
5. We will compare how the state of Texas reports health data compared to the comparable states of Alaska (in size) and California (in population).


Related LibGuide: Health Data by Vedana Vaidhyanathan

Wednesday, February 27, 2019
3:30pm - 4:30pm
Jones 105
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