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Space Availability - Moody/Jones Libraries


The University Libraries welcome individual and small group reservations of our Framery PODS. They provide a sound-dampening experience that allows you to collaborate actively while utilizing a space embedded within a large, individual study commons. Each POD features power, HVAC, and lighting as well as furniture for up to four people.

Pods Capacities

PODS A and B
Small group study pods for up to 4 users

Two-user pods

PODS F, G, H & I
Single-user pods

User Policies

Users agree to abide by the following polices when making a reservation for a Moody POD.

1. Use of the PODS is on a by-reservation basis. If a POD is unoccupied upon your arrival in the area, please book the POD using the calendar above. If you are attempting to use a POD without a reservation, you will be asked to exit the POD.

2. Use of the PODS is limited to a maximum of two (2) hours at a time, for a maximum of four (4) hours per week per user/group.

3. You may make a reservation up to two (2) weeks in advance. 

4. Reservations must be made in your own name. You may not book a POD in your name and pass the reservation information to someone else. 

5. You must be present for the duration of your reservation. If you leave the POD before your reservation expires, your reservation expires.

6. You will need your confirmation available on your phone or printed out when you arrive at the POD for your reservation.

7. Please treat these PODS as community resources for all. Do not perform personal grooming tasks (brushing hair, trimming finger/toe nails, etc.) in the PODS. Dispose of trash in the trash bins outside of the PODS. Please do not touch the glass walls, as this leaves smudges and smears that are difficult for our housekeeping staff to clear.

If you have questions or problems accessing your POD for your reservation, please visit the Moody Information Desk.

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